Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Autumn's Concerto 16

I am finally watching episode 16.  Things have been  so busy.  I have always wanted to be able to just write down what I think about the episodes since I have no one to talk to about them.  I am loving this drama.  If you have not seen these and you are interested.. it is a must see.. awesome. 

I felt so bad for Tuo Ye in the beginning of this episode.  Part of me says he kinda did it to himself.. I know deep down he has always known how Mu Chen really feels. 

I so loved the marriage talk between Gaung Xi and his assistant (?).. I had to chuckle when he thought the bride was pregnant.. I think it was time to stop talking at that point.. lol. 

Xiao Le is always so heartbreaking when he is sad.  Mu Chen handled that very well, although I am sure she was also in pain because he was.

I could not believe the way Gaung Xi's mom talked about poor Xiao Le.  I wish Mu Chen would have at least stood up for him.. I know Gaung Xi would have lost it if he heard that! 

When Gaung Xi came home and found Mu Chen and Xiao Le.. you could so see the love on his face. 

I felt so bad for both of them during the bed scene.  Mu Chen thinks Gaung Xi hates her and only wants to hurt her.. and Gaung Xi thinks she is in love with someone else.. I so wish Mu Chen would just admit that she never loved Tuo Ye that way. 

Can't wait for the next episode!! 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Currently Watching..

Way too many dramas!!  Usually we watch a drama that has been out for a long time, so we are able to focus on that one drama.. however, this time, we are watching dramas that are airing right now.  We have to wait a few days to a week for the subtitled version to come online.  I am thankful to those that work hard at subbing these for us to watch.  The work certainly is not an easy one. 

Momo Love
We are enjoying this one as a family.  It is cute (although hubby really dislikes those brothers!).  It is about a young girl with 5 brothers.  The four older ones are extremely overprotective, like over the top.

We loved watching Jiro Wang in the It Started with a Kiss series, as well as Hana Kimi.  It was really strange seeing him act normal in this one.

We have also been requesting My Lovely Sam-Soon from Netflix as I was having a hard time finding it online.  We really love this one.. we are waiting for the next cd to come in tomorrow.

Kim Sam Soon is a pastry baker who ends up in a contract with her boss to be his girlfriend so his mother will leave him alone.  The two fight constantly and you start to see they are developing feelings for each other.. of course there is an ex-girlfriend who comes back from the states, expecting to win her boyfriend back.

I have also been watching a few dramas on my own.  The most recent one is Hi My Sweetheart.  This drama is just totally crazy.  The two main characters I knew from previous dramas.. but this one shows them in a completely different light.

I think this video says it all..

Autumn's Concerto
This is my absolute favorite drama right now.. I cry alot in this.. Vaness Wu did an incredible job in my opinion.  I think there is only two more episodes to go.

Ren Guang Xi, a cocky law student, seems to lead the perfect life. He's the sole successor to a huge and famous business and a talented ice hockey player. But in reality, his lonely life lacks joy, laughter and motivation. That is until he meets Liang Mu Cheng, the new bento seller at his school canteen.

I highly recommend this drama.  This owner of this site does an incredible job.  If you are interested in watching this show go here..

You'll find this drama in the side links. 

Saturday, November 28, 2009

You're Beautiful

We just finished the last episode of "You're Beautiful". We have been waiting anxiously for it to come out.  I am so thankful to those who go through the process of subbing these shows.. Hubby and I just love them.

The last song sung by TK made me cry!

Thursday, September 11, 2008



Han Qi Luo (Barbie Xu),an extremely shy art student went to the same college as Chen Ling (Vic Zhou),a popular play boy. By chance one day they met at a park when CL asked HQL for direction to a hospital to visit his friend who was injured in a bike racing incident. Hurriedly HQL drew him a map, unknowing that she was drawing on the back of one of her sketches. She ran off before he could thank her. He then noticed the sketch of a mother holding a baby and was touched. In school HQL was sexually harrassed by a teacher and CL came to her rescue. They began to grow fond of each other but each of them had a secret past that needed to be addressed and overcome before they could accept and love one another freely.

I loved this drama. I just finished it and it made me laugh and cried. Some parts were even eerie. This is definatly one of my new faves!

Ling is one of my favorite characters. I loved his silly playboy attitude. Just don't get on his bad side. His character definately touched me. My heart reached out to him when he cried.

Qi Luo is a shy, quiet girl who steers clear of men.. but she is drawn to Ling. Eventually, because of Ling, she starts to become more confident in herself around others. She ends up having to face her past again. I love how through all the dramatic events, this character becomes stronger.

Tong Dao is mysterious and creepy.. This guy really freaks me out. However, somehow you can't help but feel bad for him and his past.

there is a great site here with lots of info and pics of this drama.. but beware.. there may be spoilers.

I would definately watch this drama again.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smiling Pasta

Smiling Pasta

Xiao Shi is a girl who has gone through many short relationships, 17 to be exact, not one lasting more than 3 months hence, she was cursed with a three-month curse. After being dumped by her 17th boyfriend, the world looks grimmer than ever. At that time, a famous idol, He Qun runs past, bumps into Xiao Shi, and they end up "kissing" on the street. Paparazzi swarmed by and to avoid a bad reputation, He Qun’s manager declared Xiao Shi as He Qun’s girlfriend of one year and fiancĂ©e. Thus, a love contract was made. This story is about how the couple learns to like each other after having disagreements in the beginning, as well as fighting the injustices the media throw at them. Will Xiao Shi finally break her 3 month curse?

This was a fun movie. We definately loved it for our second drama. I loved how they bickered right to the end.

My Lucky Star

Ok.. I needed a place to share all the dramas I have watched and love..

It all started with

My Lucky Star:

Like the boy who cried wolf, Xia Zhi Xing had lied one too many times. So when she did tell the truth, nobody believed her except for the most unlikely person, Zhong Tian Qi, a runaway young master of a jewelry empire. His belief in her inspired her to become a real jewelry designer instead of a lying, scheming jewelry con artist. In the process, she taught him the real value of jewels that he is destined to inherit.

This was the best thing I had ever seen.. I laughed, I cried.. and so did hubby. I definately recommend this drama to anyone. After this I started looking up Jimmy Lin and other shows he may have been on. This started an obsession with asian dramas..

The scene that stands out the most was when Ah Xing was in the hospital.. and she wouldn't let the nurse take the bed away.. I sobbed so bad my husband put his arms around me and was trying to console me.. Then the next part had me laughing.. great show!